“It’s kinda like D.H. Lawrence had this idea of two people meeting on a road, and instead of just passing and glancing away, they decide to accept what he calls the confrontation between their souls. It’s like freeing the brave, reckless gods within us all.”
— Waking Life, dir. Richard Linklater
“The sum of the past is
I was.
The sum of the future is
I will be.
The continuous crossing back and forth
Between the two
Obscures the present moment.
The I am,
Being itself.”
— The lost writings of Hu Wsin
Translation: Roy Melvyn (via ashramof1)

(via iamthewalbridge)

I have the hardest time taking myself seriously when writing.

David Ramirez - Shoeboxes

It kills me to remember and it kills to forget.

“But only someone who is ready for anything and rules nothing out, not even the most enigmatic things, will experience the relationship with another as a living thing and will himself live his own existence to the full.”
— Rainer Maria Rilke
“The mindfulness trainings are like the North Star; we don’t have to be perfect in practicing them. They are our guide, and we know we’re on a good path. If you have a spiritual path, the path of love, compassion, and understanding, you feel happy because you know where you’re going. You are on the path of compassion, of protecting life so that happiness becomes possible. That is very important.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

The soft and steady swishing of a fan overhead. The low bellow of a train as it passes into the distance.

An espresso machine in this house is going to be the death of me. A death I am fine with, though.